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Property Preservation & Market Ready Services

Lock/Lockbox: Locks keyed to master key of your choice & place lockbox with requested code.

Debris Removal: Removal of debris & hazardous materials to ensure safety & enhance marketability.

Lawn Services: Includes mowing, trimming shrubs & trees to ensure a clear view of the home & lawn waste removal in accordance with applicable ordinances. Also includes snow removal from sidewalks & driveways (seasonal). Based on the schedule of your preference, A2Z will maintain the lawn & walkways, as well, for additional fee.

Initial Maid Service: A2Z Vendor will broom-sweep, mop, clean appliances, wipe down counter tops, sinks & window sills & clean toilets. High-end maid service also available to include vacuuming, window washing and other services based on your request. Monthly refresh as needed on all initial maid services for additional fee.

Sign Placement/Removal: May include for-sale sign placement, posting window stickers or placing neighborhood signs for property auction or sale.

Safety Hazard Removal: A2Z will address any hazards on the property to ensure safe access. Services include but not limited to installing handrails, switch plate/outlet covers, capping exposed wires & removal of any trip hazards.

Securing: Includes boarding of all windows & doors and securing of sheds, detached garages, pools & hot tubs as needed.

Winterization/Dewinterization (seasonal): Performed in an effort to prevent freeze damage and protect integrity of water supply system & fixtures. Dewinterization to reverse winterization process and prepare for inspection & coordination of new buyer inspection also available.

Other Preservation Services: Additional services available to preserve & protect your asset to include roof, gutter & pool maintenance, basement pumping & mold mitigation.

Safety Hazard, Security & Sign Check: A2Z will visit the property to ensure home is still secure & signs are still present. New damages, safety issues or vandalism will be documented & remedied.

Vacant Property Registration: A2Z will research as needed & register all vacant properties on MERS, with the appropriate city office or both, depending on the city requirements.

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